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CMMS Checklist

Proper corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance are essential to ensuring the longevity of capital assets whether it is fleet, factory equipment, or the facilities themselves.  When making the decision to upgrade your CMMS/EAM solution, there are many choices out there, but one should be careful how they choose.  Any worthwhile CMMS/EAM solution is not just an application installed on a computer that can be swapped out if it is not what you expected; it is a product as well as a process.  The results you get from your solution are only as good as the processes set in place to input, review, and maintain the data in the system.

No two CMMS applications work in the same manner, therefore if you already have a process in place, you will want to find one that is either similar to your current process, or can be tailored to meet your needs.

Below are a few of the items that you should take into consideration while reviewing which CMMS/EAM solution is right for you.

Your Needs | Industry | Web-Based vs. Client/Server | Ease Of Use | Reporting Options
Mobile Solutions | Hardware Requirements | Customization | Linked Documents
Interact With Other Software | Price | Support | Hosted Solution (ASP)

Your Needs – Getting everything that you need and only what you need is essential to getting the best “Bang for your Buck.”  Many CMMS applications offer only a fraction of the modules to fulfill your organization’s needs, and many load more functionality into their product than you will ever need, which you will still pay for.  TMSS, Inc. offers Web Work in two base configurations; Web Work SME for small to medium size enterprises, or Web Work Enterprise for larger, more demanding organizations.  Web Work offers many additional modules which tie in seamlessly with either product.  The key is, “Only Buy What You Need.”

Industry – There are many CMMS products out there that are industry specific, such as Fleet or Facilities, and then there are those that meet the needs of many industries.   Web Work is designed for the most demanding maintenance manager and designed to be all-inclusive for many industries including Fleet, Facilities, Equipment,  and Manufacturing, just to name a few.

Web-based vs. Client/Server – Many products on the market today are still running on the Client/Server model where the CMMS database is installed on the server, and each computer accessing the database has to have the CMMS application loaded on it.  This makes it difficult when applying patches or upgrades because IT personnel have to apply those patches to each PC individually.  Also, accessing this information remotely is much harder as well.  Web Work is a 100% web-based CMMS application, which means the application is installed on a single server, and any authorized user needing access only need a standard web browser to access the information from anywhere in the world.  No additional software needed.

Ease of Use – When it comes to gaining acceptance from your users, you will want a system that is not only effective, but it must also be easy to use.  Web Work was designed from the ground up in a straight forward, easy to follow manner.  All available modules are systematically grouped in a menu located along the left side.  Only those modules available to the user (based on security settings) are shown.  Each module contains 4 sub-menus which contain options that are specific to the current module.  The user will appreciate the similarities in the look and feel between all the modules, which will also simplify the learning process.  TMSS, Inc. can ensure a smooth transition from your current system to Web Work by designing the training curriculum around your needs.

Reporting Options – What use is a CMMS application if you can not organize all your data into meaningful information?  Reporting is a key tool essential in any CMMS application.  Many providers bundle their software with a bunch of pre-designed reports, which may look pretty, but do not convey the information that you need, because who better knows the necessary information than you?  Web Work also includes an extensive set of pre-defined reports for each module, but also included in the base package is the Custom Report Writer.  This user friendly tool allows any user to easily create a customized report suiting their needs.  The Custom Report Writer can access any data from any table within the database, and apply calculations if necessary, leaving endless possibilities to the information you can gather.  If a special report is needed that has a custom look and feel, TMSS, Inc. would be glad to assist you in the creation of this report.

Mobile Solutions – Many software packages out there are great and seem to have what you need, but then you decide that you want to increase your efficiency by having your maintenance personnel access their work tasks from the field.  Well, Web Work has you covered.  Web Work offers a variety of mobile solutions from a Palm based product, to a real-time solution using a Windows Mobile or Blackberry handheld device.   Each of these includes the Work Order Module, Inventory Module, and Fleet Readings and Rounds.

Hardware Requirements – Web Work is available in three database variations including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle.  As compared to some of the industry giants, which require dedicated servers and gigabytes of RAM and Hard Drive space, Web Work is a very resource friendly application requiring a minimum of a 1GHz processor, at least 500MB of RAM, and an initial installation footprint of approximately 25MB (including database).

Customization – So, you chose your last CMMS solution because of what it had to offer, but now you need more.  But to your dismay, either the supplier will not make any custom modifications for you, or they want to charge you an outrageous amount to program and install any custom changes.  Web Work is a completely open sourced application which allows your IT personnel to make any custom that you may need.  If this is something beyond the capabilities of your personnel, TMSS, Inc. will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs, and provide you with a solution at a very reasonable price.

Linked Documents – Along with the work order, wouldn’t it be nice to have the service instructions and spare parts list available at the click of a button?  Web Work allows a user to attach any type of electronic document or Internet URL, and specify the availability to all users or a specific user, equipment, or work order.

Can it interact with my other software – Web Work is able to interface with virtually any other software that you may have whether it is an accounting package, fleet fueling system, climate control system, or even a machine override interface.  If you have a specific need, give TMSS, Inc. a call and we can discuss a solution to meet your needs.

Price – Of course, price is one of the top, if not the top, deciding factors when purchasing a CMMS application.  Some companies charge upwards of $50,000 to $75,000 for the base package, which doesn’t even include implementation or other licensing costs.  The price for the base package of Web Work starts at around $10,000; that is about where one year of support costs begins for some of the industry giants.  Contact TMSS, Inc. today to get a quote and see the difference.

Support – When it comes to continued support, customers are looking for a long-term solution partner, not just a software package provider.  TMSS, Inc. will be there with you every step of the way, and with over 25 years in the industry, rest assured that we are not going anywhere soon.

Hosted Solution – So, you are in need of a CMMS application, but your budget just is not allowing for it at the moment.  Well, TMSS, Inc. gives you the option to have us host it for you on our secure servers at a fraction of the cost.  You will still have access to your data 24/7, and best of all, should you decide to end your service, your data still belongs to you.

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